meet dara.

dara is a digital personal coach that helps you through workouts designed to cultivate mindfulness and compassion.
we are currently conducting research on our latest version and would love your participation!

What User's Are Saying
"I LOVE the gratitude daily check-in!! This has been amazing and now I find myself looking for the gratitude in everything!!"


For most of us, our phone is always with us. What better way to engage and reflect with yourself, than using a device that's always with you? Especially when we allow you to customize when and how your personal digital coach dara reaches out to you for seamless coaching throughout your day.


Less forms and paragraphs of text. Short and sweet "activities" and "workouts". Large buttons and short sentences. We designed a clean and simple platform to make it as easy as we possibly could. It's hard enough to seek change.


Our exercises and programs are based on the latest scientific research in positive psychology and emotion regulation. While we don't promise results, we do promise you'll feel empowered and educated by our little, yet powerful personal coach, dara.

What We Believe

We believe that self-awareness, empathy and mindfulness are the foundation for building a more compassionate and healthy society.

We also believe technology can be used as a tool for personal transformation and social good.

Our platform was designed from the ground up to help emotionally connect with ourselves, become aware of what we really feel, and access our most authentic self.